DEWALT DCG200T2 54V FlexVolt XR Wall Chaser 2 x 6.0Ah Batteries

Product description

DEWALT Cordless Wall Chaser | 2 x 6.0Ah 54V | DCG200T2

A powerful machine designed to cut a track in concrete and masonry walls thanks to its two diamond blades with adjustable spacing, powered by a high performance brushless motor. The brushless motor allows for lower maintenance yet higher performance and battery runtime, which is especially important on a machine drawing over 54 volts from the battery pack. To keep you going, this kit includes two 6.0 Amp-hour FlexVolt batteries, which provide 2.0Ah in their 54 Volt configuration. The kit also comes complete in a deep TSTAK box with a fast charger which means minimum downtime while waiting for batteries to charge.

The DCG200 supports wireless tool control, allowing it to activate a dust extraction unit automatically, such as the DWH161 Universal Dust Extractor, making chasing walls even easier. The machine features two double-action safety switches, the first of which prevents accidental operation of the motor, and the second prevents accidental plunging of the blades. The chaser runs on four wheels to help with smooth running over the surface during cutting. You can change the depth of cut using an adjuster on the side of the guard, between 5 and 30mm.

  • Control the depth of cut easily with adjuster dial
  • High power brushless motor
  • Powered by FlexVolt 54 Volt batteries
  • Supplied in case with charger and two 6.0Ah batteries
  • Compatible with DEWALT AirLock dust extraction system
  • Works with Wireless Tool Control for automated extraction